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Ransomware Goes Viral: What You Need to Know

If you’re one of the thousands of computer users who now get hit by ransomware every day, there can be no greater frustration than seeing your desktop image change from its usual serene outdoor scene to a ransom note. “ATTENTION!” The note reads in a typical case. “All your files were encrypted by CryLocker!” But [...]

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Essential Microsoft MCSE Certification Exams Training

Larger companies require advanced network messaging systems, which is why many turn to Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to deliver enterprise solutions. Of course, they also need qualified IT specialists to install, configure, and maintain these systems, which is where Microsoft's MCSE certifications come in. Through this course, you'll learn every concept [...]

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The Importance of Data in Digital Disruption

In today’s business environment, I am seeing more and more enterprises realize there are new rules for an industry they once dominated. Business capabilities can no longer be considered things that once discovered, only need to be perfected. As new businesses look for areas to grow, they are increasingly colliding with storied legacy businesses. This [...]

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Putting Big Data to Work for Marketing – Finally We Can Connect All the Dots

Clearly, there is plenty of technology out there and many businesses feel they are “just one app away from greatness.” Most of these apps are only good for one thing: they take a siloed and partial view and they don’t integrate naturally with anything else. The result is like looking through 15 straws to make [...]

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