Clearly, there is plenty of technology out there and many businesses feel they are “just one app away from greatness.” Most of these apps are only good for one thing: they take a siloed and partial view and they don’t integrate naturally with anything else. The result is like looking through 15 straws to make sense of the objects in the pool below. Although we, at Informatica, didn’t quite feel we were “one more marketing app away,” we did know that we couldn’t win the war with a siloed view of data.

Marketers can’t see the forest for the trees

The analytics available in many of the available marketing apps have gotten quite good, yet most marketers still struggle with answers to questions like:

1.      Which channels are driving the most net-new names that eventually convert into customers and revenue?

2.      Who are all the members of a buying team we need to influence to have the deal go our way?

3.      What is the value of the different marketing touches that eventually lead to not just an opportunity or pipeline, but revenue, both booked and banked?